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SunGuard SN 70/35 HT at the Bouwbeurs Utrecht

SunGuard SN 70/35 HT will be showcased at the Bouwbeurs in Utrecht (9-13 February 2015), the largest trade show for building firms in the Netherlands. Guardian is a partner of the Cement&BetonCentrum, who works on the development of Warmbeton, i.e. thermal insulating concrete in collaboration with the Eindhoven University of Technology, and who will showcase a façade mock-up integrating a triple glazed insulated unit with SN 70/35 HT during the fair.

Warmbeton is a new concept for monolithic facades based on ultra-lightweight concrete, which possesses optimal thermal, mechanical and durability characteristics. For more information about this concept and the construction of a prototype planned for 2015 on the University’s campus in Eindhoven, visit http://www.cementenbeton.nl/materiaal/innovaties/warmbeton.

SN 70/35 is a solar control glass from the SunGuard SuperNeutral range. It provides a very high selectivity of 2, which means that it delivers twice as much light versus heat. Especially in triple glazing, its performances are outstanding: depending on the glazing composition and the Low-e coating it is combined with, it can offer a light transmission of minimum 60% and a g-value as low as 30%. It is available in annealed and in Heat Treatable (HT) versions.

To learn more about SN 70/35, go to http://www.eu.en.sunguardglass.com/Products/ProductSummary/index.htm?id=11002298.

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