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Guardian ClarityOLD

Double sided anti-reflective glass

The most simple concept behind the use of glass, our ability to see through the substrate clearly, can often be a paradox. While the glass itself is clear, the world around provides obstacles to a perfect view in the way of glare and reflection. A display case positioned so that light reflects from its surface, a shop window on a sunny day; these distractions keep us from a clear view of the object behind the glass.

Clarity™ is the solution to unwanted glare and unobstructed views. Created using the most advanced magnetron sputtering glass coating technology, Clarity leads the way in applications where reflection and glare can spoil the benefit of clear sight and pristine views.


Guardian Clarity Glass
Comparison of Clarity vs. Ordinary Glass


Clarity, an anti-reflective glass is the ideal product for any application where excessive glare of reflection creates an obstruction: whether it’s a shop window which loses impact due to distracting reflections, a viewing platform which loses visual accuracy due to distracting glare, or a restaurant with a breathtaking view which becomes completely hidden as soon as the sun goes down, anti-reflective glass provides the perfect solution. Common applications range from museum vitrines, display cases, shop fronts, car showrooms, restaurants, control towers, sporting facilities, zoos & aquariums.




» Excellent optical properties.

The residual reflection colour of Clarity is a soft neutral blue, in combination with Guardian UltraClear™ substrate it achieves maximum transparency and incredible aesthetic appeal

» Temperable.

In applications which require safety glass, Clarity can be tempered or heat strengthened by a Guardian certified glass processor. For more details in the certification process please send us an

» Multiple sizes to maximize production capability

In addition to the standard stock sheet sizes, Clarity is also available in sizes of 3210x6000, a real advantage in large viewing areas

» Double sided.

Clarity is offered on one or both surfaces of the glass substrate, making it highly flexible for any application or purpose

» With TPF.

Temporary Protective Film is applied to ensure proper handling and protecion of the coated surface during processing.

» Technical and Specification Support.

Our GUARDIAN Sales and Technical Support Team is ready to help answer questions related to the technical aspects of the product and its functions, as well as to the processing of the glass.

» Flexibility with other products.

Clarity is available on various substrate types like Guardian UltraClear low iron glass, Guardian LamiGlass®, and can be combined with several thermal or solar protective coatings.



Clarity provides a residual reflection of less than 1% (exact number depends on glass configuration and/or thickness) and a viewing experience through the glass that is virtually distortion free. However, under specific natural and artificial lighting conditions and in some specific viewing angles, a slight reflection may be seen by the naked eye. It is recommended that a sample is viewed in the actual location to understand which of these factors may be present in your particular application.

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