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SunGuard SN 75

An effective daylighting plan for a building can help reduce energy costs, while creating a more comfortable work environment for occupants. Guardian SunGuard® SN 75 maximises the amount of natural light into a building, while allowing good solar protection throughout the year.

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  • In heat treatable (HT) version, SN 75 offers best-in-class light transmission of 75% (5% higher than any other product from the SunGuard range) combined with a low solar factor (optimum thermal insulation) and excellent selectivity of 1.9.

  • This makes it the perfect choice for windows and facades in commercial and industrial new builds or renovations.

  • As well as its impressive performance, SunGuard SN 75 also has a highly desirable, consistent, neutral appearance with a low level of outside reflection.

  • Internal coloured reflection has also been optimised, adding a much more neutral tone to the glass when viewed from inside the building, with no visible distortion of colours.

  • SunGuard SN 75 is available in sizes up to 3,210 x 6,000mm in annealed and heat treatable version, as well as on laminated glass.

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