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Guardian Glass Analytics 

Glass Analytics, Guardian’s single online platform for glass and glazing system analysis

Whether you’re an architect, cladder, designer or glass processor, Glass Analytics’ suite provides facade solutions that allow you to explore aesthetic and functional possibilities while meeting complex energy, daylighting and acoustic requirements.

The platform replaces completely the Guardian Configurator which is no longer being supported with new products and will no longer be available to download.

Glass Analytics’ suite of calculation and visualisation tools includes comprehensive configuration analysis, acoustic calculations, photo-realistic rendering, Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Each tool works to aid in the glass selection process, guiding you to the appropriate glass solution to match your design objectives. At each step of the design, specification and construction process, these tools provide you with specific information about the aesthetic and glass performance values for the glazing make-ups needed to meet your project requirements.

Glass Analytics allows you to:

  • Calculate centre-of-glass performance metrics for highly-customisable configurations.
  • Determine the acoustic performance of different glazing configurations.
  • Generate photo-realistic renderings of standard or custom glass make-ups.
  • Access robust, custom Building Information Modeling (BIM) content.
  • Archive project calculations and generate client-ready reports.


The method for calculations generated using the Glass Analytics configuration editor is certified by the notified body KIWA for accuracy according to EN410 and EN673. Calculation data is taken from certified values, to ensure the reliability of data generated for use in the design of buildings and construction works. 


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