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Performance Comparison Tool

Quickly sort through standard SunGuard insulated glass unit makeups so you can compare products that match your glass performance and appearance needs.

First Part Icon Performance
Select performance attributes
Any Visible Light Transmission and Any Solar Heat Gain selections show all SunGuard product combinations. As you refine performance selections, the results will adjust automatically.

Second Part Icon Appearance
Select exterior appearance
Any Appearance shows all SunGuard product combinations below. As you refine appearance selections, the results will adjust automatically.
Third Part Icon Results
Sort, compare, print or share the results
Sort by the criteria at the top of the table in blue, such as Appearance or Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, by clicking on the criteria, and the table will automatically re-sort all the data based on that criteria. Narrow your results by selecting the products you’d like to compare and then hit the Compare button. To start over, hit the Reset Results button below the results or just repeat steps 1 and 2.

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